Embrace The Autumn Workshop

Embrace The Autumn

Connect to the spiritual significance of this season.

In autumn we learn more about ourselves, perhaps, than in any other season. Autumn marks the end of the growing season – a turning inward, a falling away of outer-directed energy. Leaves turn colour and drop. The old leaves go back to the earth, enriching it to promote the coming of new leaves, a new harvest.

The autumn season holds an energy that aids in transmuting the lower, for overcoming obstacles and for preparing our creative life forces for regeneration.

It is a time of shedding the old to prepare for the new.

In This Workshop You Will Learn:

*how to attune to the energy of this season to bring balance and peace back to your life

*what organs you need to be pay attention to and how to help them

*the proper foods to help support your body

*Qi Gong routine that will shift the energy and cleanse the autumn organs

*What Element represents the Autumn and Emotions to be aware of (like sadness and grief)

*A Guided Meditation to help connect you with a journaling exercise.  Autumn is about reflection and letting go.

*Yummy recipes to make this time of year to support you

*AND A self run Ritual Day to help connect you with practices and reflection time best suited now