What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient and gentle hands on and off energy healing that works to remove blockages in your energy field and your chakras.As a Reiki Master with over 10 years experience I am attuned and therefore able to channel Universal life force energy. This energy is drawn down by you, the recipient. I do not pass any of my energy to you and you do not take anything from me. The Universal Life Force Energy channeled works to remove blockages in your chakras and Energy field.Reiki is always safe and incredibly effective. 

Blockages occur when our bodies are under stress, when we are experiencing a negative situation or if we are holding onto negative thought patterns and emotions. These blockages can lead to physical pain,  they will affect our emotional and mental state and leave our immune systems compromised.

When you receive Reiki, your body is put into a relaxed state. Laying on a massage table, fully clothed, listening to music, you may fall asleep as I channel the energy for you. 

I focus on your chakras and remove any “junk” that is clogging them up. When our chakras are unbalanced, we feel run down, tired, irritable and often experience pain and other health problems. 

The high vibration Reiki energy flows through your energetic body and flush out these toxins.

Learn more about the Chakras by clicking this cheat sheet .

It is believed by many that all illness starts in a person’s energy field and if it is not addressed and removed, this will manifest into physical problems. Stress is rampant in our society and it takes a toll not only on our physical bodies, but emotionally and mentally as well.

You will feel an immediate difference after your treatment. Reiki works to relax your body, release tension, produce endorphins, silence the mental chatter and help you sleep at night. It also helps us to hold onto more positive thoughts and makes it easier to release negative ones.  Holding more positive thoughts and being able to speak using “high vibration” words works further in keeping our body-mind-soul clear.

The energy will continue to detoxify your body, removing all that no longer serves you, for 3 days following your treatment so drinking lots of water is vital! 

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To know the true value of it, it must be experienced. Read about some of my clients’ experiences in Testimonials.
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Both Reiki and Reflexology are very effective for women during pregnancy. 
The body of an expectant mother goes through a lot of changes and the energy in her body is under constant stress.

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