What To Expect From Your Experience

Stress is rampant in our society and it has detrimental effects on our body. Taking proactive action with your health will prevent problems in the future and allow you to enjoy a better quality of life.


We begin your treatment with you laying on your back on the massage table.  You are fully clothed during a Reiki session.  I use a pendulum to assess your chakras and we see where blockages or imbalances are in your energy field.

The energy is channeled through me as I move down all 7 chakras.  I will also place certain crystals if needed on your chakras and around your body.

Following the healing I will draw Oracle cards and provide an Intuitive reading for you.  These messages are always brought forth to provide guidance and insight and always for your highest good.

DURING your Reiki treatment you may experience:

*Total relaxation

*Deep, restful sleep (often my clients have a nice nap during the session)

*Ability to see different colours and light moving around (especially when I’m at your head)

*The energy coming thru heats up my hands and you will feel a concentrated “beam” of heat. (I’m your personal heating pad!)

*Feel the energy around your chakras (it’s like a gentle pulling or when you place magnets near each other)

*An incredible sense of peace

The Effects of having a Reiki Treatment

*Improved sleep

*Very relaxed (sometimes a bit “spacey”) so don’t plan on wanting to run a marathon afterwards or anything 🙂 Although some clients receive a burst of energy following a Reiki treatment.

*Chronic pain subsides (including if you came in with a headache)

 *Feel more grounded and secure

*Reiki strengthens intuition

*Strengthen your immune system

*Reiki promotes creativity


Begin your treatment with a 5min warm foot soak with Dead Sea salts and lavender essential oil.

Then lay down on the warm and cozy massage table while soft, meditative music is playing. Your body is placed into a relaxed, serene state.  You will feel as if you are receiving an amazing hour long foot massage while at the same time your entire body is being worked on and brought into healthy balance.

The Effects of a Reflexology Treatment

*Increased urination (we did just remove toxins after all)

*Increase in positive thinking

*Release of endorphins

* Feet that were once tired and sore feel light and “airy”

*Because Reflexology provides physically comforting contact, it can lessen anxiety, depression and isolation often felt by cancer patients.

By balancing ALL systems, we Help the body Heal itself.


You begin your treatment face down on the warm massage table, clothes are removed except for underwear as in a regular massage.  Heated oil is applied to upper back, shoulders and neck and those tight muscles will be worked, followed by an invigorating scalp massage.  Halfway through you will turn over and continue your relaxing treatment with frontal scalp massage, neck and end with a draining facial massage.

The Effects of Indian Head Massage

*extreme relaxation and bliss

*improved neck mobility

*tension in head and neck greatly reduced

*shoulder tension alleviated

*endorphin release


During this therapeutic massage you are unclothed underneath the massage table. (**you may leave underwear on if you’re more comfortable with that)

Care is always taken that you are properly draped and comfortable during the entire massage.  Your alignment is checked first while adjusting your legs and hips and from there we know which side of the body to start on.

We always start with checking alignment.  This is a full body massage starting from your feet all the way to your head.  CRT (Contraction Release Techniques) will be used accordingly to correct your issues.  Once the legs are balanced we proceed to concentrating on the back, shoulders and neck.  Often you are turned over to continue with neck, arms, hands depending on time allowed but the entire back of the body is always done in 1 hour.  When you book a 90min massage you will receive scalp massage, neck CRT, arms and hands are always done.

The Effects of Myomassage

*body is realigned

*walking balanced with both feet equally on ground

*noticeable pain diminished

*greater mobility

*extreme endorphin release (you will feel like you’ve had a few glasses of wine!)

*muscles are much more loose and body is relaxed

A Better YOU, Makes a Better World!