Myomassage is the practice of muscle massage and it is probably unlike anything you’ve tried before.

It combines techniques from various disciplines and is the integrated approach to massage therapy.

Leg & Hip Balancing techniques are unique to Myomassology.

As a trained myomassologist I observe the “whole” body before designing a treatment plan for my clients.

If a client is complaining of neck & shoulder pain, leg length is automatically checked to determine whether the body has been compensating from “Apparent Short Leg Syndrome. The short leg is then treated and once the tight muscles of the low back are released, leg length is checked again prior to moving on to shoulder and neck region.

What is Apparent Short Leg Syndrome?

This is a condition where one leg “appears” shorter than the other and it’s caused by tight muscles in the lumbar spine & hip area; not short bones.This painful condition causes the pelvis and lumbar spine to tilt down. The body immediately compensates to right itself so we aren’t walking around like a “drunken sailor”!

Muscles contract to pull the spine straight and the ultimate cost is PAIN.

60min~ $100     90min~ $140