Home/Sacred Space Cleansing Kit

Just like it’s important to physically clean & tidy our homes on a regular basis, we also need to cleanse our homes of the “dirty” ENERGY in them as well.  The energy vibration in our homes greatly affects how we will feel in the space as well as everyone living or visiting.

It’s like an “Energetic Spring Cleaning” but it can be done anytime. I recommend you clear your space at least 4 times a year and especially before moving into a new home or after there has been a negative event.

This kit has EVERYTHING you need including detailed instructions for a fun, easy, highly effective cleanse.  You will remove stagnant, negative energy from your home and replace it with more high vibrational high energy.  You will feel the after effects as well as everyone living in the home.

And with a fresh, positively charged home, you yourself will begin to clearly attract happier people, think better thoughts and gain higher vibe experiences. Remember….EVERYTHING is ENERGY and the Universe sings YOUR song.