About Dawn

Reiki entered my life back in summer 2005 and I knew nothing about it before then! I joined a meditation group with my sister for the first time ever in my life.  The women who led the meditation would do a personal 10 minute Reiki treatment on everyone.  She told me that I should look into doing Reiki as well since she felt strong energy from me…..and I was off!

And ever since my first Reiki attunement, it has been a wonderful journey of discovery.  After my Reiki Level I it’s difficult to describe the incredible uplifted feeling I experienced. I literally felt like I was walking a foot off the ground hours after the class…..then came the headache for 3 days!! It wasn’t a bad headache, just a dull, annoying one that no drug would fix.  I couldn’t figure out why I had this 3 day headache. Until a man, who also did Reiki, walked into the cafe I worked at.  How funny the Universe is at times 😉  He told me it was my vibrational energy being raised. Energy was literally being pulled up from the ground, through my body  and out through my Crown chakra removing all that no longer served me.  I was forever changed.  And only for the better.

I started seeing life…differently. Negative  people in my life just couldn’t “survive” there anymore.  Slowly, changes happened.  Anything that wasn’t for my greatest and highest good either got uplifted WITH me…..or it got left.

I  use Crystals during Reiki treatments. They help amplify the healing energies for my clients and break up any blockages easily.  I took a crystal healing class and crystals have always been a help and constant companion to me.  Not a day goes by that you won’t find me wearing a crystal pendant or empty my pockets and guess what you’ll find!!

With the help of friends, fellow healers and willing participants, I gained confidence in my ability to channel Divine Messages from Angels and guides through Oracle card readings. It has been an amazing journey for me so far and I look forward to learning and growing and helping more people.

I am a registered certified Reflexologist Practitioner with RAC (Reflexology Association of Canada) as well after what seemed like another long journey.  But I believe we are ALWAYS exactly where we need to be.  I absolutely love the impact Reflexology has on my clients. Not only am I pleased that they enjoy a relaxing experience, but I know that their treatment is affecting their bodies in a healthy, positive way. I am pleased and proud to offer my clients Hot Stone Reflexology and Indian Head massage now as well.

Most recently I have earned my certification in Myomassage~the holistic form of massage.  I have learned that 90% of the time people who suffer from Sciatica, lower back pain, neck pain, etc have what’s called an Apparent short leg syndrome.  Myomassage works to balance the legs and hips and release the muscles that are constricted around the lumbar spine area.  Using a variety of techniques and therapies each clients’ individual needs are met.  The spine becomes properly aligned by releasing tight muscle groups and pain subsides.  It’s an amazing holistic healing tool and I’m thrilled to be able to help my clients who have been suffering after nothing else seemed to work.

I look forward to having you visit me in Collingwood. May it always be a safe and relaxing space. 
I welcome you.