Reiki Classes

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

So, if you truly want to learn, it is important that you develop a strong desire for it and have faith that it will be fulfilled.  Reiki shares a special bonding with all those who need it. So, as you read what is written here or any other related text, be aware of the fact that you have not been brought here by a Google search result or a link on some other webpage. Reiki itself has brought you here and this is how it works 🙂


Contact me today for upcoming available classes.  I keep them small for more individual attetnion (2-4 people)

Reiki Level I       $300 ( 1 day workshop 10:4pm)

**Next class is Sunday June 19th in Wasaga Beach 12-6pm

At this level you will learn the following:
~ History of Dr. Usui Reiki healing
~ Thorough knowledge of the chakra system
~ Intuitive messages you may receive at certain chakra points
~ Knowledge of hand positions for self treatment as well as others
~ Attunement will raise your vibrational energy.
~ Channel Reiki energy immediately for yourself and others
~ Use of Reiki for pets

~Reiki ethics
~ Learn to use the first 2 sacred Reiki symbols

~Hands on practice
~ Invitation to Reiki shares

Manual and Intuitive Usui Reiki Level 1 Certificate received.

Reiki Level II       $350 (1 day workshop 10am-4pm)

At this level, you will learn the following:
~ Ability to send a healing through distance (absentee healing)
~ Second Attunement received and learn the distance healing symbol. Intuitive gifts may become heightened
~ Knowledge of using Crystals to help amplify Reiki energy
~ Hands on practice

~Invitations to Reiki Shares

Manual and Usui Reiki Level II certificate received
*Must be attuned in Level 1*  

Master Level     $400

~ Receive your final Attunement and Reiki guides
~ Increase your healing frequency
~ Gain the ability and knowledge to attune other students

Manual and Usui Reiki Master Level certificate received*
Must be attuned in Level II