Transition From Winter To Spring Can Be Stressful. But Why? And How Can I Help

Spring will arrive soon….whispering to us to embrace the New happening again

March can be a messy month We know that spring is definitely on its’ way and if you’re like me, everyday is a search for some small reminder that new life and warmth are returning.
The first robin sighting! The first tree bud brushing off winter’s chill! A teeny tiny blade of green grass poking through the soil!

But this also a bit of a weird and challenging time as we change from winter to spring.  And we humans, for the most part, do NOT deal well with change even if it’s a positive one! ;p

The energy shifting from an inwardly-focus attention in autumn and winter to outwardly-focused for spring and summer can make you feel a bit off-kilter so don’t feel like anything is wrong with you or what you’re feeling isn’t valid.

As Mother Nature begins to thaw out we too feel like we are waking up and ready for fresh energy.But The Spring Equinox is a joyful holiday centered around rebirth & growth. It is the arrival of spring! The Earth is coming alive again.

The dark months are now over & we’re moving into the warmth of the light. (The sun will continue to grow until the Summer Solstice, when it begins its turn inward again.)

It’s important to understand WHY this time of year with it’s fresh invigorating energy can leave us feeling a little stressed.  It’s that human reaction to change I mentioned.  Undergoing ANY kind of change can be a troubling experience because it alters our lifestyle, our mood, our thoughts and actions.

How many of you feel under the weather more often during changing of the seasons? This is because our immune systems react to change.  Changing weather can stress our system.  That lovely new pollen and seeds we like to see in spring and make the air smell so wonderful also irritate our bodies sparking allergic reactions.

Our entire body/mind reacts to change. And I am not saying this is a bad thing.  Change is vital to….well LIFE! But the added stress doesn’t feel great, and can damage our wellbeing long term unless we do things to help!
You can take charge of this season change and enjoy the transition with my tips!

3 Tips To Help Ease Your Transition From Winter To Spring

1) Brighten Up Your Living Space

Setting aside some time to do some decluttering and spring cleaning will do wonders for your energy and spirit!  It doesn’t have to be another chore on your to-do list. But instead choose an amount of time you have be it 30min or 1 hour and choose a space in your home or closet to declutter.  Put on some uplifting music and have fun!  Doing a little bit of organizing and tidying at a time will keep you happy and motivated.

The Universe loves creating a vacuum~anytime you clean and clear a space (closet, junk drawer, magazine collection) you are opening up fresh and renewed energy to rush in!

Around the time of the Spring Equinox I also swap out my winter decor items and crack open my seasonal spring bin!  Yes, I do have separate bins organized for each season but you don’t have to go that far…..although it IS pretty fun bringing out new decor that matches the seasonal energy!


I change my throw pillow cases to happy spring themes, swap the winter table runner in my living room to the spring one. Put away my garland with twinkling lights and replace them with a flower garland strand with lights! 🙂  Just by adding a few touches to your home lifts up the energy and changes the vibe and yours!

2) Move Your Body

As the winter yin energy is already moving to yang we feel a stir to get out more and get moving.  Studies show that incorporating just 15min of movement into your daily life benefits both are physical AND mental health in powerful ways.

When it’s one of the nicer days in spring, why not strap on your running shoes and take a walk in the morning.  Or maybe just before dinner which is great for your metabolism.  Start looking for signs that winter is waning and the earth is making her tiny shifts and so shall you.

I’ve been enjoying some yoga routines;nothing stressful on the body since that’s counterproductive!  Just lovely, easy stretches.



3) Spring Into Healthy Eating

Winter can be more challenging for eating healthy.  Our bodies crave comfort foods over smoothies!  We likely overindulged over the holidays. And that is 100% ok!!!  Winter is meant for hibernation, slower movements and yes, more often heavy comforting foods like pastas.

I will NEVER label a food as “bad”.  We, especially women, are targeted so much about what to eat, is intermittent fasting good, should I eat paleo or keto.  Honestly it all hurts my head and leaves me feeling stressed….which again is SOOOO counterproductive to our health.  We want to make friends with REAL food and enjoy it all.  And stop beating ourselves up when we didn’t always eat perhaps the way we should.

Spring is a great time to re-evaluate your eating habits.  As with moving our body more, we want to make our changes small. What is one food or drink you know is unhealthy that you can remove from your diet, and what is one healthy one you can replace it with?

Did you know avocados and spinach help deal with stress and anxiety?

Why not make yourself one of my fave smoothie recipes~

1/4 cup Greek Yogurt

2 handfuls of spinach

1/2 frozen banana

1 pitted Medjool date or tsp of honey

1-2 Tblsp flax seeds

almond milk/and or water

vanilla protein powder of choice (I use and highly recommend JuicePlus Complete)

*sometimes i will add some frozen mango or blueberries too

*ask me about JuicePlus if interested

Maybe you know you don’t drink enough water (1/2 your body weight in oz daily)  I always flavour my water with lemon,lime or other citrus essentials oils from Doterra.  And lately I’ve been adding a drop of cinnamon to my morning water as well!  A great metabolism booster and tastes so good.

While the changing season brings, well, change, it doesn’t have to create unwanted stress.  Be gentle with yourself, give yourself grace and actively find ways that help you feel good.  You want to en-JOY the new season.

Be sure to book yourself in for a Spring Refresh of your body and soul with me.