Spring~Rebirth. Renewal. Regrowth

The energy of the spring is well and truly here!!

Finally we emerge from winter’s rest and needed darkness to once again stretch ourselves; just as the Earth’s seeds begin to push above the surface once more, we too are ready to get growing.

Take a nice deep breath and S-T-R-E-T-C-H....awwwww. That feels good.

Yes, spring is the time to set those goals and intentions we allowed to germinate over the winter, into inspired action. 

You’ve heard of the term “spring-fever” , right??!!
Don’t be surprised if you are feeling a wee bit distracted and over excited right now.
The days are longer bringing in more light and we can literally feel the need to be outside bustling around…..maybe even moreso after 2 years living in a pandemic.

I’d also like to address the fact that some of you maybe suffering from anxiety and depression more this time of year. 

There is something known as reverse seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

You dread leaving the darkness and comfort winter brings.  It’s almost painful to you that the light stays longer….it’s comparable to someone stealing away your security blanket and suddenly turning on a glaring bright light in a dark room; exposing you.

You aren’t weird or broken if spring/summer aren’t your favourite seasons.  But hopefully you find some ways here to help connect with the energy of spring so you do find more peace and balance.

How do we stay focused and balanced this time of the year?

If you’re like me, you have goals and plans and ideas all swirling around and you’re feeling like a crazed squirrel (haha squirrely)

Spring IS our time to bring our intentions to the surface.

Embrace this new energy of growth by choosing to nurture the things that you know will bring you the most JOY and fulfillment once harvested this fall.

One thing I want to stress about your spring goals is to NOT get caught up into trying to DO EVERYTHING!! This will only stress you out, make you crazy and when you try to jam too much into your schedule, you actually end up being LESS productive.  And you will most likely miss out on all the fun and wonderful stuff to do!

Instead make a plan from the top headings below and WRITE DOWN your chosen goals; I would focus on no more than 2 things from each heading.  Make a Spring Vision board out of your chosen activities even, but if that’s too much I want you to at least write your list and POST IT where you will see it everyday.…..like your fridge.

Here are my top Spring Intentions :

1)Healthy Body~it’s time for a spring tune-up!  We are moving from the inward Yin energy of winter into the energetic outward Yang so we naturally feel more inclined to get up, get out, be social and looking at our diet and “moving” routines is a perfect start.

Radiant health enables you to more easily achieve the life you desire. How do you want to strengthen your health and happiness?

Perhaps it will be getting out for a walk 3x’s a week, maybe you will join that Zumba or Tap class you’ve been wanting to try.  Make that appointment with a naturopath or your doctor.

How about setting a goal to try a new vegan or vegetarian recipe every week.  Or make a plan to try out a new restaurant and ORDER a veggie option!

Put 1-2 things on your Spring list now to renew your physical well-being.

2)Financial Health/Growth~ just like you will be planting seeds in the garden soon, why now think about how your money garden is growing……too cheesy? ;p

Where are you in relation to your financial goals? Renewing your financial plans can motivate you to take new action toward your financial goals.

Let’s say you want to save for a trip in the fall or next year or next month.  Set a goal to put aside a comfortable amount of money into a savings spot; doesn’t have to be in an account at the bank unless you want.

You could create a DREAM FUND and have something as small as $5/week to start get automatically deposited into it.

I actually have a fun “Saving For A Trip” physical bank and $20 gets added every week no questions asked. What’s great about having this type of account is that every time I look at it, I FEEL wealthy.  Pro manifesting tip for you…..

This is a good time to check in with your money mindset and what your relationship with money is like right now. 

Do you treat your money like a good friend or do you say mean things about it.  Hint~treat your money with respect just the same as you would your partner or friend. If not, it’s time to revamp that and find a way to make peace with what you have.  When you are grateful, more will inevitably find its’ way to you.

3) Declutter ~ a clean and clutter free home leads to more feelings of calm and Zen-like behaviour.  Imagine walking into your living room and seeing everything you love in it’s place.  Plus the joys of assigning everything a place and having it “live” there means you don’t waste time searching for items.

Choose 2 spaces you want to clear away this spring. Renew the energy of your home or office!

It’s a proven fact that we are much happier with LESS STUFF, leaving more room for things important like making memories with loved ones.

4)Spend Time In Nature~this will help you work off the “spring fever” and keep distractions at bay. We have been inside most of the winter embracing the hyggee (fave winter thing btw) but now it’s time to shake off the cob webs and bask in the light!

It’s the perfect season to get inspired by nature because there’s much growth and beauty taking place outdoors. Trees, flowers, and even animals show their ability to prosper after frigid weather, which is an indication that you can successfully do the same!

Seek out a new nature trail on the weekend with the family, choose to take your business calls outside when the weather is nice. Why now plan to have lunch outside with co-workers or even sit in the lunchroom by the sunniest window!  Plan to take a road trip and check out some sweet nature parks.

5) Spiritual Well-being~ And finally why not use this time to check in with your spiritual health.  This is my idea of connecting with your own spirit, and a Divine Source whatever that means to you. 

It’s about actually carving out some space daily to give attention to this part of you.

I love having a morning ritual that involves saying a prayer (usually involves asking for peace in the world, health and well being for my loved ones etc), some yoga stretches and asking my guides for help again through prayer or messages from an oracle card reading.

Do you have an evening routine?  I don’t mean mindlessly scrolling through social media before bed or binging a Netflix series until you pass out.

This is about adopting a NEW routine that will help you enjoy a calmer, more productive life.  Turn off the tv and phone 30min before bed.  Do some yoga stretches, or simply read pages in a book.  Finish your day with reflection; you could even write something in a gratitude journal.

If you have  been interested in learning more about connecting with Spirit and energy healing, perhaps this is time to take a Reiki training course with meI also highly recommend rekindling your connection with nature. A great place is through my Embrace The Seasons Workshops.

My intention for you this Spring is to re-ignite your passion for life! Use this energy of rebirth and re-emergence to bring positive changes into your world, and in doing so, everyone around you…..

A Better You Makes A Better World