If You Want To Change Your Life, Then You Need To Look At Your Priorities!

Priorities Drive Your Life~what is most important to you?

Most people are stunned (and maybe a little appalled) when they find out I don’t watch the evening news.  No, I’m not an ostrich sticking my head in the sand.  Yes, I am someone who chooses to see the world through rose-coloured glasses.  And I like that about myself.

Everything we allow into our lives~the friends, relationships, thoughts, food, media~ ALL have a part to play in the life of we CHOOSE to Live (and also what manifests into our reality).

I don’t watch the news because, to me,it is 30min of telling us what we need to fear and worry about and skewed stories to attract the most attention.  Once the media starts focusing on things I find useful in my world, then I would happily watch faithfully.

Watching the daily news or (gasp, CNN) is not a priority for me because it only STEALS JOY from my life and works to lower my energy.

The world is a tiny place now.  You can access anything from everywhere. So instead of the 6’o’clock news, I search out news stories about the positive things happening in the world; leaders who are really stepping up and making real change for our environment.  I find the BEST stories are about real, ordinary people doing extraordinary acts of kindness.

This is ONE of the priorities I have set in my life.  And it works for me!  I strive to ALWAYS live a high vibe life and the general media does not fit into the world I am creating for myself.

If you want to make changes in your life, want to feel happier on a consistent basis, attract opportunities, abundance or more relationships, start by taking a look at the things you deem most important in your life right now.

Time is a most precious commodity and your life is happening NOW. No matter what stage of life you are in.  Get in touch with the things that bring you the most Joy and happiness and find ways to inject these daily into your life.

Remember that YOU, and only you, can decide what is important in your life.

You get to decide what you will allow into your space and since you are a Co-creator with the WHOLE Universe (cool, right), then you also get to direct your thoughts and emotions in order to manifest a life of your dreams.

If you really want to see changes in your life, then you need to schedule in the changes you want to see. 

Scheduling things on your calendar makes them more real and more likely to happen.  It takes time to build new habits so don’t get discouraged if you find it hard in the beginning.

Writing things down is VERY important when it comes to things like goal setting, bucket lists, intentions, affirmations, gratitude…..there’s a good reason for that.  This is a quote from a business book but it applies here…..“You Manage What You Measure.”

Remember~to make BIG leaps, you just have to take SMALL steps consistently.

A plan that isn’t on your calendar is just wishful thinking.  There are too many competing demands and distractions out there that you will use to fill up your time instead, if you don’t have clear priorities.

Put things into your calendar at least for awhile until they become habits.  This includes wanting to exercise, having a morning ritual, writing a gratitude list every night, eating healthier, looking for ways to improve mental health,putting self care at the top, family game night/dinners or build up your abundance attracting muscles!

Keep in mind that your old habits will keep re-asserting themselves almost with a relentless force!  It’s not just psychological, it is also neurological.

You have habitual neural pathways conditioned to fire off in specific ways.  So you need to put in an equal amount of counter action on a consistent basis or those old paths will pull you back to your old ways.

You may remember from a past newsletter/blog post I talked about you needing a specific “Morning Ritual”.  I hope you’ve taken that to heart and really started implementing this practice.  Writing out your morning ritual in your day planner is a GREAT way to prioritize how to start your day which leads to better weeks, months and then the entire year!

Understand and accept that you won’t always want to do what you know you should be doing. (*ahem, I am with ya!!)  I would like to be someone who exercises everyday….You may have many days where your rebel likes to come out and play!

Or it could be more subtle because the ego is a tricky bugger. It knows how to make you think you are making rational choices when they are really emotional reactions.

It sounds like “I just don’t feel like it” and we’ve been conditioned to believe that’s a good enough reason not to follow through.  Once you have a scheduled plan in place, don’t look for your emotions to get in the way.

The point to all of this is deciding if your thoughts, actions and behaviours are leading you TOWARDS or away from the life you want to be living now.

If it’s on your PRIORITY LIST, it will be done.

When the ego does show up looking to derail you, just thank it kindly for showing up.  But then remind it that you have a plan in place and always follow through with it.  You don’t break promises to yourself.

I have made some changes this year and shifted my priorities.  For example I am totally committed to my morning ritual that involves gratitude, audio books that help me live in a high vibration and inspiring podcasts.

Other priorities of mine include

*having a daily smoothie with my JuicePlus

*drinking 1/2 my weight of water in oz daily with added citrus essential oils (fun fact-oils help our body absorb the water)

*reading a few pages of a book before bed to wind down

*taking a nightly liver cleanse oil capsule

*making memories with my parents and sister

This month I am adding a couple of new things to the Priority List~

1) 3-5min daily morning meditation
2) 15min of weights/cardio 3x’s a week

3)Do something I enjoy every single day

4) Always be a conscious listener

5)Writing a seasonal fun “bucket list”

I know myself well and if I make things seem easy and doable, they will more likely get done in the beginning.  I can absolutely commit to 15min daily of weights and if I happen to do 20 or 30min, BONUS!  But I know that by making THIS a priority, I will be a happier, healthier person and closer to living the life I continually dream into reality.

An amateur makes excuses for why things can’t be done.  A pro makes it happen.”~ Derek Rydall