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Feeling Overwhelmed?  Anxious? Stressed Out?    Suffering from Back/Neck Pain?  Can’t Sleep?
Discover how a treatment with me at Healing With Dawn will leave you feeling calm and relaxed, stress and worries will be alleviated and pain diminished.



As a Registered Certified Myomassologist Practitioner,  Reiki Master and Certified Reflexologist,, I bring 10 years of experience helping people live happier, healthy and more positive lives. I am passionate and committed to helping you release pain, tension, negativity and bring your WHOLE body back into Balance.  I am also certified in Hot Stone Reflexology and trained in  Indian Head Massage.


Myomassage is covered under Benefits.



Notice a difference after 1 treatment.

Contact me for a complimentary consultation where we can sit and discuss the situation you are dealing with and how my services can help you. Reach me through email

You can also text or leave a phone message at 705 796-3860.

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Over 80% of all illness is related to stress.  The problem a lot of the time is that stress sneaks up on you; where it actually starts to feel “normal” but eventually it damages your health.  Stress is not something to be taken lightly. 

Determine your level of stress now with this quiz.     Stress and Anxiety Quiz


health is greatest gift

Healing Packages are available when you need to see me for more than 1 session which is recommended.  When you purchase a package, you have the peace of mind in saving money and knowing your healing will progress.

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Book a 1 hour Reiki healing, Reflexology treatment or Indian Head Massage with me and leave feeling relaxed, calm and balanced.

When you’ve already tried physiotherapy, drug therapy, chiropractic or RMT massage,Myomassage is unlike anything you’ve tried before.  Don’t suffer with sciatica, S.I. joint dysfunction.

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing.  Universal life force energy  is channeled to you from an attuned Reiki practitioner like myself and by usingreiki hands on and hands off positions, I remove the energy blockages in your chakras and energy field.





Reflexology is another beneficial form of holistic alternative therapy. It is also a very effective proactive approach to your health. Treatments will increase the circulation in your body, release tension and stress and put you in a state of relaxation. Overall the goal is promoting the natural function of your whole body.











Myomassage is the practice or study of muscle massage which uses a variety of ancient healing techniques to address the individual needs of each client. Recognizing the uniqueness of each person is the “hallmark” of a Myomassologist’s training and session.










Following the treatments you may choose to add an Intuitive Guide reading. I use my Intuitive abilities to pull oracle cards for you that are messages from your Guides and Angels to help shed light on a situation you are going through now and offer you support and guidance.

You can choose to have a 3 card reading or a 10 card tarot spread at anytime as well.  Your messages will be emailed and/or recorded and a video sent to you to keep.

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Choose your wellness package and SAVE.

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Healing is a journey and I offer you choices so I’m able to help you in the way that best suits YOU.