What Is Your Relationship With Money Like?

What Is Your Relationship With Money Like?

Money is energy like anything else, and when you’re operating at a high frequency with no resistance to it, and take right action, you can manifest the money you desire. Bam! There it is in a nutshell.

We all know that we have to work to make money, we’ve been taught that all our lives, but what we’re NOT taught is that we must also ALIGN our energy with the financial abundance we seek.  In other words, ACT as if you’re where you want to be.  I know that’s not always easy but what is your alternative?

You MUST cultivate a positive mindset around money and be consistently working on your money blocks.  Consistency is key here.  Be consistent.  Did I mention it takes daily conscious work…..OK, you get it!! Yay!

Also, don’t hang out with sad negative nellys who whine and complain all the time at how broke they are.  Erase the words I can’t from your vocabulary., envision what you desire, set goals, demand of yourself that you become who you need to be to create the life you desire.

I took a Money bootcamp course myself a few years ago with Lucky Bitch, Denise Duffield Thomas.  If you don’t know who she is, you MUST look her up. Hands down, amazing woman who’s written several books, does a podcast and of course offers courses. She helped me (and LOADS of other women; men too) discover their money BLOCKS. We ALL have them!!

One thing I really loved about the course was she asked us to describe our relationship to money like it was any other human relationship.  We needed to think of a Hollywood couple that would describe how we felt about ourselves and money.  Are you curious to know who mine is?

Hopefully you’re a fan or this really won’t make any sense.  This is Bridget Jones and the dashing Mr. Darcy (from Bridget Jone’s diary)  In the “money metaphor” I am Bridget; a little bit of a mess, quirky, but means well.  Money is Mr. Darcy~even though Bridget isn’t perfect, and tends to muck things up, he still loves her “just as she is”.

So basically, even though I may not have always treated money with the respect and gratitude it deserves, I am still worthy of having it in my life. And I can consciously do better to keep this relationship healthy and growing!

We all have money blocks as I stated.  The first trick is finding out what they are and learn to forgive.  How do you feel about rich people??  Are they rude, mean, cruel, out to destroy the world; the devil incarnate?  Does it feel disingenuous to want more in your life?  Are you playing small because you feel that is all you really deserve?

Here’s the thing~ Money is NOT the root of all evil.  Money will NOT make you an a**hole unless you already are one to begin with. 
There are TONS of wealthy people who are kind, friendly and enjoy helping the world.  Imagine what YOU would do with more money.  How would you use it for good?   It’s not the money that’s important.  It’s just paper we assigned a value to.  Money represents FREEDOM and JOY and all things we are meant to enjoy in this human incarnation.

In my online course~ How to Raise Your Vibration~ there is an entire module dedicated to Wealth and Abundance at the Master Level. 

I take the things I’ve learned and the consistent practices I do to help nurture my relationship with money.  I am going to give you some “wealth tips” today you can start using from now on, but if you want to dive deeper and really understand how to live at a “high vibration” and get what you want from the Universe, then please join my online school and check out the courses.

Start thinking about money as a relationship. Let’s face it, if you’re constantly complaining about your partner that they’re never around and they always leave you disappointed, how much do they actually WANT to hang around.  Take a look at your wallet right now. Is it all messy, (better not have holes in it), receipts everywhere, bills just hastily scrunched in there? Who wants to be treated like that??

Start saying an affirmation like “I love money and money loves me”.  And then smile and be grateful for everything you have and this AMAZING relationship in your life.

Here are Wealth Tips I like to use:

1) EVERY TIME you make a purchase with your debit or credit card or cash, say “There’s always more where that came from”.

2) Send people abundance and blessings as you walk by them.  Energy will always come back to you.  Remember~ This is a vibrational universe.  You are a Vibrational being. Whatever you are broadcasting, will come back to you.  It’s Universal Law.   Believe in the power of prayer and intention.

Whatever we are feeling sends out a ripple effect, so blessing people and feeling grateful will attract more things for you to feel grateful about!

3) Be a Good Tipper~ how you tip is a reflection of your money mindset. Now obviously we tip when a service has been great or exceptional; I’m definitely not saying you need to reward bad behaviour.  But, by showing someone appreciation and the feeling attached to it is so important.  Be generous and the Universe will give it back to you.  If you have fears or block over leaving a bigger tip than you normally would, look at where that block comes from.  Do some forgiveness and tapping (Apprentice course )

4) Switch Your Mindset~whenever I spend money, I envision it leaving my bank account, circulating around the economy, blessing people’s lives and helping them live theirs and then coming back into my account.  You spending money helps the economy, helps the person selling it or working at the store.

Expect that money ALWAYS comes back to you.  ALWAYS.

There is SO much more you can learn (or unlearn) about creating a healthy money mindset, but why not try these tips for now.  Ooooh and just for more fun, put a piece of citrine or aventurine in your wallet.  Ask your crystal(s) to attract wealth and abundance into your life (and your wallet) ;p

Oh, and if your wallet doesn’t make you FEEL rich or is old and ratty, Please go out and buy a proper one for yourself.  Right now!

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