The Power of Rose Quartz


Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE crystals.  I am wearing some type everyday on my person, they are often in my pockets, they are ALL over my home too!  Crystals all have their own special vibration and they are able to affect our energy bodies and also our environments.  They can be used for protection, for clearing space and negative energies; they can even be used to attract abundance into our lives.  I made my very first Crystal Abundance grid last month and I kid you not, I saw a mega increase in that department!

One of my all time favourite crystals is the gentle and all loving Rose quartz.  During my Reiki sessions I place crystals on my clients to help amplify the healing energy; to draw out the negative energies and remove the difficult blockages.

If you suffer from anxiety or have trouble feeling love and compassion towards yourself, than I suggest you go to a crystal shop and choose a Rose Quartz.  With an open mind, feel the crystals available, hold them in your hand for awhile and you’ll know which one is right for you.

Don’t forget to cleanse your new crystal once you bring it home.  You can place rose quartz in the sunshine for a few hours, smudge your crystal, charge it monthly by the Full Moon too.

Amazing facts about Rose Quartz:

  •  It is the stone of unconditional love and opens the heart chakra
  •  Perfect for every type of love not just romantic
  •  One of the greatest help in learning to love yourself
  •  Helps strengthen any type of relationship if the relationship is for your greatest good
  •  Helps balance emotions
  •  Brings comfort
  •  Remarkable abilities in aiding in the transition of dying
  •  Helps release emotional wounds and traumas no matter how deep or horrendous they may be
  •  Can draw ideal relationships to you
  •  Can draw your ideal partner to you
  •  Can shift your way of thinking to that of love and positivity
  •  Relieves anxiety
  •  Helps remove emotional blocks
  •  Great source of protection
  •  Can be worn as beautiful pieces of jewellery
  •  Can give your clients a physical reminder of their healing session which aides in keeping them on a new healing path!

rose quartz2