Distance Reiki Healing

As a Reiki Master I am able to connect with you and channel energy without being in the same physical space.

We call it distance Reiki but really a better term would be Connection Reiki.  I am able to tap into your energy, clear away blockages and negative energy and help maintain a balanced chakra system.

This is especially effective when you are unable to come to my physical space, if you’re in the hospital or across the globe.

You choose a time like any other service and although it isn’t necessary for you to be in a relaxed or meditative state for the healing to take place, it’s nice to be able to rest comfortably.

The distance healing session involves:

*30min of channeled Reiki energy which will work on clearing, balancing and activating all 7 of your chakras and energy field.

*3 card Intuitive reading

*Email sent to you right away detailing your guided messages and insights I receive

$60 (HST included)

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Client Testimonial:

I want to share this. I live in London Ontario and receive Reiki from Dawn in Collingwood. Dawn informed me last week that she can do
Distance Reiki healing which means she sends the healing energy to you at home. I had a Distance healing on Thursday and I will tell you
It was just like being at her healing centre in Collingwood. Sit back and relax with soft yoga music in the background. From the comfort of your own home. Truly amazing with fantastic results. Dawn is the best. Thank you Dawn. I feel so much better with my energy blockages now gone.
January 23, 2021~ Paul M.