Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires

Are you left feeling drained, tired, & irritable after spending time with someone?

There is no way around this.  You are a complex being and you have an Energy body.  This physical body you have is just the vehicle for your soul to travel around and have a human experience.  Once you get comfortable with that, this will all make much more sense.

Have you ever spent a few minutes with someone and after they leave your presence you feel exhausted, worn out, annoyed, or more stressed than you were before?  You’ve just come in contact with an Energy Vampire!!

We aren’t talking about Team Edward from the Twilight saga or the more traditional Bram Stokers Dracula kind of vampire, however the term “vampire” conjures up the exact image you have in your mind right now.  Like a vampire who sucks life blood from a body, an Energy vampire is quite literally sucking the life energy from you.

These energy vampires are quite easy to spot.  They are your “negative nellys”, constant whiners and complainers, those who feel that life sucks and they are the only victim of it’s wrath.  They want to divulge their entire sob story to you and don’t even try to get a word in around them! They are too caught up in their own drama to even care about how you’re doing. They are also your gossip mongers and unfortunately these people are very insecure and often bullies.

The problem is that they are unable to keep up their energy on their own so they resort to stealing yours.  Energy vampires NEED to feed off your energy in order to make themselves feel better.  They often do not do this on purpose, however and have no idea the detrimental effects they have on others.

I think the biggest problem happens when you have a close friend who is an energy vampire.  Now we aren’t talking about the friend who has a few bad days here and there or going through a rough spot and needs to unload on you. That’s ok and they need support and an ear to listen to…..we ALL do.  It’s when the friendship becomes too one-sided where you feel like you are always the one having to deal with their negativity and it’s starting to affect you. Not everyone wants to take responsibility for their own life and when toxic friends aren’t happy, they tend to pull everyone around them down too. 

Sometimes you just gotta call a weed a weed, and do some pruning in your garden.

Surround yourself with positive, high vibrational people and you will feel a huge difference and probably see life from a new perspective. Plus it raises the bar for more to aspire to.

One of the best and simplest ways to protect yourself is to imagine that you are protected in a bubble of light. I often ask silently in my head, “Archangel Michael, please surround me in a protective bubble of pure white light. Thank you. ”  And voila!

Try to limit contact with said person if possible, however, if they do need a sympathetic ear, then do listen.  But become very aware how YOU are feeling after spending time with them.  If it becomes a constant drain on you, then sometimes it’s best to let them go.