Hot Stone Reflexology

What is Hot Stone Reflexology?

Hot Stone Reflexology is the incorporation of heated basalt rocks with the specific purpose to stimulate Reflex points found in the feet. Basalt stones are used because they retain heat well and the ancients believe these lava rocks have nurturing, cleansing, and healing effects on the body.

Benefits of Hot Stone Reflexology

~ Deep relaxation
~ Improved circulation
~ Improved lymphatic circulation (removal of toxins)
~ Stress reduction
~ Reduction in joint pain (in the foot)
~ Reduction in “after session” discomfort (clients are
less likely to complain of lingering soreness after a
~ Grounding from the magnetic field inherent in the

If you’re in generally good health and looking to break a cycle of stress and tension, contact me today for an appointment.

60min~ $80