Healing Treatment Packages

Healing is a Journey. It didn’t take a single day to become unwell and off balance, therefore you won’t feel your 100% best after one day either.

I want to provide my clients with choices and let them take control over their own health & healing. I have Healing packages available at any time.

When you purchase a set, your treatments may be booked when you choose. I will help you set up a schedule based on your needs and situation. You can see me once a week for awhile when you’re in a crisis situation, and then once a month for maintenance.

The choice is yours. Always.

You can purchase packages by contacting me directly by email or phone.  Pay with an etransfer to my email or cash. I will give you a card to take home that keeps track of your treatments.


(705) 796-3860


2 Treatments  $130 (save $10)

5 Treatments $320 (save $30)

10 Treatments $600 (save $100)

*Add $10 to each treatment for an Intuitive reading

**Add $30 for 30 min Foot/Leg Massage


2 Treatments $130 (save $10)

5 Treatments $320 (save $30)

10 Treatments $600 (save $100)

*Add $10 to each treatment for an Intuitive reading

**Add $30 for 30min Scalp Massage or Foot/Leg Massage

MYOMASSAGE~ 60 minutes

2 Treatments $170 (save $10)

5 Treatments $420 (save $30)

10 Treatments $800 (save $100)


The Ultimate Healing Experience

3 hours Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Reflexology

Indulge in this Head to Toe healing with a complete relaxing and detoxifying experience.

Don’t plan on doing anything after this full body treatment (except going home to nap)

Makes a fantastic gift!


Melt your Stress Away

2 hours Indian Head Massage & Reiki

Release tension and knots in your neck and shoulders, detoxify your body and balance your energy with this soothing and relaxing treatment.


DETOX and RENEW Experience

2 hours Myomassage treatment with Reflexology

Relieve your pain and and slip into deep relaxation with a Therapeutic Myomassage followed by an overall body detox treatment with Reflexology.