Healing Treatment Packages

Healing is a Journey. It didn’t take a single day to become unwell and off balance, therefore you won’t feel your 100% best after one day either.

I want to provide my clients with choices and let them take control over their own health & healing. I have Healing packages available at any time.

When you purchase a set, your treatments may be booked when you choose. I will help you set up a schedule based on your needs and situation. You can see me once a week for awhile when you’re in a crisis situation, and then once a month for maintenance.

The choice is yours. Always.

You can purchase packages by contacting me directly by email or phone.  Pay with an etransfer to my email or cash. I will give you a card to take home that keeps track of your treatments.


(705) 796-3860


2 Treatments  $150 (save $10)

5 Treatments $370 (save $30)

10 Treatments $700 (save $100)

*Add $10 to each treatment for an Intuitive reading

**Add $30 for 30 min Foot/Leg Massage

(prices include HST)


2 Treatments $150 (save $10)

5 Treatments $370 (save $30)

10 Treatments $700 (save $100)

*Add $10 to each treatment for an Intuitive reading

**Add $30 for 30min Scalp Massage or Foot/Leg Massage

(prices include HST)

MYOMASSAGE~ 60 minutes

2 Treatments $210 (save $10)

5 Treatments $520 (save $30)

10 Treatments $1,000 (save $100)

(prices include HST)

The Ultimate Healing Experience

3 hours  (Massage, Reiki and Reflexology)

Indulge in this Head to Toe healing with a complete relaxing and detoxifying experience.

This treatment is the full deal.  Begin your experience with a 1hour Reiki healing with intuitive card reading.  Then prepare to spend the next 2 full hours relaxing into a back and scalp massage and end with a grounding and balancing full Reflexology treatment.

Don’t plan on doing anything after this full body treatment (except going home to nap)

Makes a fantastic gift!


*includes HST

Melt your Stress Away~ 2 hours

Release tension and knots in your neck and shoulders, detoxify your body and balance your energy with this soothing and relaxing treatment.

Because sometimes an hour just isn’t enough!

Come Stressed, Leave Refreshed!!
Immerse yourself in this unique relaxing experience. 
When you’ve had a long few weeks and your body is crying out for much needed TLC, enjoy a back, scalp AND arm massage to relieve your tension and knots, balance and detox your energy system with Reiki and finish with a grounding foot massage. 

If it sounds like heaven, I think it’s pretty close!!


*price includes HST

DETOX and RENEW Experience

2 hours Myomassage treatment with Reflexology

Relieve your pain and and slip into deep relaxation with a Therapeutic Myomassage followed by an overall body detox treatment with Reflexology.


*price includes HST