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Christmas Gift Boxes are HERE!!!!

I’ve created 3 different gift boxes to choose from.  Message me to order yours by December 15th!

Natural products all created by me

1) The Essential Holiday Retreat basket~ Gift certificate $90, Lavender bath salts, Mint Chocolate Body butter, chocolate mint lip balm, Christmas candle, cozy tea mug with tea and of course Lindor chocolate to balance it out


2) Mrs. Claus 🤶 Foot Spa package~Gift certificate for $70, Natural Peppermint foot cream, cozy socks, and Lindor chocolates   $90








3) Holiday Elf Basket~ $40 Gift certificate, Relaxing room & Linen spray, Calming Lavender Bath Salts, Christmas candle holder.   $60








Chocolate Mint Lip Balms also available on their own.  Great stocking stuffers!!

$4 each

Self Care February

  Be Self-Less and Show Yourself Care

February Self Care Package~ 1.5 hours

Begin your treatment with a warm Foot Soak of Dead Sea Salts and Lavender. While your tootsies are soaking receive an Intuitive card reading where you receive messages from your Guides and Angels.

Following that you will get cozy on the heated table and receive a DE-stressing back massage and release the knots in your shoulders and neck.  End with a luxurious foot and leg massage.

Your time ends with a Gift to take Home!

Your very own Self Love Crystal Bath Kit I designed specifically to help you enjoy a ritual that rejuvenates us, helps to balance our chakras and reminds us to take care of ourselves.





Every choice we make has an impact.


Challenge yourself today by refusing to use throw away cups when you’re out getting coffee and tea.

Use this limited edition and rather stylish mug instead! 

Show everyone around you the commitment you’ve made to help our home, Mother Earth.





Book a 2 hour Melt your Stress Away Treatment package and your mug is $20

Book a 3 hour Ultimate Healing Package and your mug is FREE.

**quantities are limited so don’t delay

Head To Toe Healing

head to toe healingThe Ultimate Healing Experience~ 3 hours  Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Reflexology

Indulge in this full body healing treatment that will make you feel more relaxed than you could possibly imagine.

Please be aware that this will be an intense detoxifying treatment so don’t plan on returning to work or any labour intensive activity.

$180 (regular $200)

*Must be booked in a single 3 hour time slot for the day


Melt Your Stress Away~ 2 hours Indian Head Massage & Reiki

Release tension and knots in your back and neck, improve circulation, balance your energy and promote natural self healing and wellness in this soothing relaxation experience.

$120 (regular $130)




Now Offering Indian Head Massage

Healing With Dawn is now offering the ancient art of Indian Head Massage. I’m so pleased to offer this as another whole body healing option to my clients.  It reduces and releases sstress throughout the whole body.  The treatment can induce a feeling of euphoria, well-being and tranquility.  If you suffer from tension headaches, shoulder stiffness from sitting at a computer all day, then this will help you. It improves concentration, gives clarity to thought, increases alertness & relieves mental fatigue; among so many other benefits.

I choose to bring in Reiki as well during the treatment for added benefit.

$60 for 1 hour

**remember New clients receive $10 off and you receive a stamp on your Gratitude Card for treatment and referrals.


Healing Packages

Healing is a Journey. It didn’t take a single day to become unwell and off balance, therefore you won’t feel your 100% best after one day either.


I want to provide my clients with choices and let them take control over their own health & healing. I have Healing packages available at any time.



When you purchase a set, your treatments may be booked when you choose. I will help you set up a schedule based on your needs and situation. You can see me once a week for awhile when you’re in a crisis situation, and then once a month for maintenance. The choice is yours. Always.


2 Treatments  $110 (save $10)

5 Treatments $270 (save $30)

10 Treatments $500 (save $100)

**Add $10 to each treatment for an Intuitive reading

**Add $30 for 30 min Foot/Leg Massage


2 Treatments $130 (save $10)

5 Treatments $320 (save $30)

10 Treatments $600 (save $100)

**Add $10 to each treatment for an Intuitive reading

**Add $30 for 30min Scalp Massage or Foot/Leg Massage

MYOMASSAGE~ 60 minutes

2 Treatments $170 (save $10)

5 Treatments $420 (save $30)

10 Treatments $800 (save $100)



The Ultimate Healing Experience~ 3 hours Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Reflexology

Indulge in this Head to Toe healing with a complete relaxing and detoxifying experience.

Don’t plan on doing anything after this full body treatment (except going home to nap)

Makes a fantastic gift!



Melt your Stress Away~ 2 hours Indian Head Massage & Reiki

Release tension and knots in your neck and shoulders, detoxify your body and balance your Energy Chakras with this soothing and relaxing treatment.  Perfect if you are undergoing a lot of stress and feeling overwhelmed.


Detox and Renew Yourself~ 2 hours Myomassage & Reflexology

Give your body a Full relaxing and detoxifying treatment.  Release sciatica, back pain by aligning your body and releasing muscle tightness in hips, glutes and lumbar spine.  Stimulate your body’s natural detoxifying system and leave completely refreshed.



**Purchase these Packages and/or Gift Certificates Online Now

stress cat








A Gift of Healing

Gift Certificate

Do you know someone who would benefit from a healing treatment; who needs some relaxation, pampering and stress relief? I have Gift Certificates available for Intuitive Reiki healings  Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. Help someone with a gift of healing.

Gift certificates are $60 or  $70 1 hour treatments.

You can contact me directly at (705) 796-3860  to purchase a Gift Certificate and then pick it up from any of my locations.