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EMF’s and Harmful Effects

Are You Aware of EMF’s and Their Potentially Harmful Effects?

There is so much going on in May~ there’s Mother’s Day on the 8th, my birthday, the official kick off to the “summer season” on the 2/4 weekend….:) but this month I want to draw your attention to something I’ve known about for years and just couldn’t stop thinking about lately. It has nothing to do with the month of May; only that I think it’s important to be aware of.

It has to do with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)~ also known as “dirty electricity.

What is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty electricity is a dangerous form of electrical pollution that is invading our homes. Until recently, this phenomenon has largely escaped the attention of the general public and medical communities. Now emerging scientific research strongly suggests that poor quality of electric power may be making many of us sick.Most of us assume that the danger from electricity is confined to the electrical wires in our homes, schools and workplaces, but in fact it’s becoming increasingly contaminated with invisible microsurges of dangerous radio-frequency radiation, now referred to as “dirty electricity”.

Devices that contribute to Dirty electricity

  • Fluorescent/Compact Fluorescent / 12-Volt halogen lighting
  • Dimmer switches
  • Computers/laptops
  • Television sets
  • Microwave ovens
  • Most Treadmills and furnaces that have variable speed motors
  • Some UV filters and ionizers
  • Wifi networks

The body of scientific evidence linking EMFs (Electric and Magnetic fields) to many adverse health conditions and diseases is very compelling. Electrical Hypersensitivity” (EHS), an allergic-like reaction to exposure to EMFs, is a growing worldwide health concern.

The steady increase in EMF exposure in recent years has now been scientifically linked to many of today’s “new-age” health problems, including nervous system disorders, sleep problems, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, headaches and others. EMF exposure is also being linked to many chronic diseases… including Alzheimer’s’ disease, Parkinson’s and ALS, and to many cancers.

Here in North America the EMF problem has been buried by the organizations that profit from the multitude of EMF products they sell. Here in North America EHS remains an unrecognized illness and EHS sufferers remain undiagnosed and untreated by the mainstream medical community.

There are devices you can purchase (and they sure aren’t cheap) that claim to counteract the harmful effects of EMF. But why would I want to plug in yet another electric device into a different electric device??  Seems redundant to me…..and being the “nature girl” I am, I decided to search out the more natural way for protection. Obviously!!

I don’t claim that one way is better than the other, however I personally choose to use the natural healing properties of crystals. So, I wanted to pass on some handy beauties that act as protection.  Here is a lovey list…:)

Amazonite, Aventurine, Black tourmaline, Clear quartz, Galena, infinite stone, Malachite, Unakite, Turquoise, Herkimer Diamonds, Jasper.

Use Amazonite to block and absorb all types of EMF emissions and the objects that give off these emissions.  This in turn protects you from having these EMF’s enter your energy field.

For cell phones, Aventurine (any color) will help to act as an EMF barrier, absorbing the energy and protecting you from it.  Try taping a piece to your cell phone or wearing Aventurine earrings.

If you are around computers all day, set up a small grid using a combination of Flourite.  Blue Fluorite and/or Purple Fluorite work very well for this purpose.  Wear a lovely Rainbow Flourite pendant, necklace or bracelet.

Try sitting a few tumbled Sodalite on top of your desktop computer (or tape to a lap top) to block and clear any EMF emanations. Also use Black Tourmaline under your computer screen or between you and the screen to help clear and protect.

May seems like a great month to take a trip to the Rock Shop in Collingwood. 🙂

Cheers to a more Healthy and Happy month!

The Power of Rose Quartz


Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE crystals.  I am wearing some type everyday on my person, they are often in my pockets, they are ALL over my home too!  Crystals all have their own special vibration and they are able to affect our energy bodies and also our environments.  They can be used for protection, for clearing space and negative energies; they can even be used to attract abundance into our lives.  I made my very first Crystal Abundance grid last month and I kid you not, I saw a mega increase in that department!

One of my all time favourite crystals is the gentle and all loving Rose quartz.  During my Reiki sessions I place crystals on my clients to help amplify the healing energy; to draw out the negative energies and remove the difficult blockages.

If you suffer from anxiety or have trouble feeling love and compassion towards yourself, than I suggest you go to a crystal shop and choose a Rose Quartz.  With an open mind, feel the crystals available, hold them in your hand for awhile and you’ll know which one is right for you.

Don’t forget to cleanse your new crystal once you bring it home.  You can place rose quartz in the sunshine for a few hours, smudge your crystal, charge it monthly by the Full Moon too.

Amazing facts about Rose Quartz:

  •  It is the stone of unconditional love and opens the heart chakra
  •  Perfect for every type of love not just romantic
  •  One of the greatest help in learning to love yourself
  •  Helps strengthen any type of relationship if the relationship is for your greatest good
  •  Helps balance emotions
  •  Brings comfort
  •  Remarkable abilities in aiding in the transition of dying
  •  Helps release emotional wounds and traumas no matter how deep or horrendous they may be
  •  Can draw ideal relationships to you
  •  Can draw your ideal partner to you
  •  Can shift your way of thinking to that of love and positivity
  •  Relieves anxiety
  •  Helps remove emotional blocks
  •  Great source of protection
  •  Can be worn as beautiful pieces of jewellery
  •  Can give your clients a physical reminder of their healing session which aides in keeping them on a new healing path!

rose quartz2

Book Me For Your Girls Weekend

girls weekend2

Having a few friends up or planning a getaway?

I will come to your home or hotel room and provide treatments for you and your guests. 

Choose from Reflexology, Reiki, Indian head massage, Myomassage and Intuitive card readings or a combination!

Minimum of 3 hours; $90/hr.

Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach and Barrie area.

**Please add an additional $20 total for travel and set up costs to Collingwood, $30 total for Wasaga Beach and Blue Mountains and, $40 total Barrie.**

Each guest gets to choose their personal treatment. Perhaps a 30min Head massage followed by a 30 min Foot and leg massage is just what you need. Or a Reiki and and a luxurious scalp massage combo…..or a Massage and Intuitive reading….Together we can even decide what you need the most!

Contact me for more details and to set up your Day and Time.

findbalance@healingwithdawn. com or

Call or text (705) 796-3860

I look forward to being a part of your relaxing, fun Girls Weekend!!


February Full Moon Reiki Healing

full moon snow

The Full Moon in February, also called the Snow Moon, arrives on the 22nd at 1:20pm EST.

The Full moon is the best time for us to tap into it’s incredible energy and use it to release and let go of anything in our lives that no longer serves our highest good.  Perhaps it’s been toxic thoughts that you’ve had but feel you do not need to think this way anymore and you are ready to bring in more positive ones.  Maybe you have a certain relationship that has run its’ course and you are ready to release it so you can find peace.

I always place my (many) crystals on the window sills of the house during the Full moon so they can be cleansed and energized.

On the day of the Full moon I also choose to write down a couple of things that I feel I need a little extra “uumph” in the removing process. 🙂

Thank you for participating in this healing opportunity on the Full Moon!

So what does it all involve?  Here is what you will receive….

*Distance reiki healing session
*An intuitive card reading sent to you
*A fire ceremony to burn and release your intentions
*A personal Peace bag made and sent to you. This bag will contain a certain crystal and/or herbs chosen specifically for you.  You can place this bag on an altar, hang it in your room or carry it with you to continue the healing process.
Cost to participate $40

5 Signs You NEED a Reiki Treatment

If this is YOU, we need to talk right away! 🙂

But all joking aside, Reiki is in fact a wonderfully gentle and yet extremely powerful Healing tool.  And nothing brings me greater joy than sharing it, talking about it, tapping into it, teaching it……you get the point.

So how do you know when a Reiki healing is right for you?  Here are 5 basic signs to look for.

1) You are having trouble sleeping at night.

When our body is unable to get adequate sleep, it becomes stressed over time and loses our ability to heal. When we are relaxed our body moves into a parasympathetic nervous system.  If a poor sleeping habit becomes a chronic problem, it can lead to serious health issues.  If you’re trying to lose weight, but are restless during the night, you’re fighting a losing battle.

2) You can’t seem to focus and your mind is scattered

People often tell me that there mind seems to race, and they are unable to keep it calm or even to focus.  They feel overwhelmed and are bouncing all over the place.

Reiki works not only on a physical level, but emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  Because it works to clear away toxins and “anything that no longer serves you”, a treatment will ease the mind, relax it and allow you to focus and feel calm.

3) You have been dealing with a lot of negative people/situations around you.

We are an Energy being and therefore we are constantly and quite literally emitting energetic frequencies through our thoughts and feelings.  People who are vibrating at a low energy level~ the Negative Nellys, the “life is horrible mentality”, and the “MY problems are SO much worse than yours so you must listen to them, etc”~ are known as Energy Vampires and suck the life energy from you. You are left feeling drained, irritable and sometimes sick.  Reik will recharge your energy body and remove the toxic energy stuck to you from others.

4) You don’t feel like you can trust your decisions or having trouble making up your mind.

Again when your mind is cluttered by all the energy circulating around us all the time, it can really mess up our inner compass.  We start mistrusting ourselves and we have lost faith in our abilities and as a result our self confidence suffers.

Many of my clients are walking around with a blocked Solar Plexus Chakra~ our Power centre.  When this chakra is all out of whack, how can we begin to feel powerful and in charge again.  Reiki will clear out and balance this important chakra and help you find your confidence once more.

5) You suffer from Anxiety.

We are complex beings and we deal with not only physical issues in our day to day lives but on top of that, we are subject to all the Energetic vibrations around.  Some of us are more sensitive to energy than others and simply being in large crowds, or in bars, or absorbing negative media displays can cause us deep anxiety.

I see many clients suffering from anxiety and they do not want to rely on pharmaceuticals anymore to help them.  We are more than just a symptom.  Reiki works on a holistic healing level to bring our body~mind~spirit back into balance.


Take the time to reconnect with your soul.  You are so much more than you even realize.






My Rituals to Attract Abundance



All of us have our own rituals we participate in everyday.

We usually wake up the same time every day.  Head to the bathroom, wash face, brush teeth, feed cat…..

Rituals are simply activities we have set up and do so often that our subconscious mind is programmed quite efficiently.

So what if we can program (or reprogram) our subconscious mind to attract money on a regular, daily basis. We CAN!!

Because just saying something alone doesn’t help it come true.  We must BELIEVE it.

First there are 3 basic parts to a ritual:

  1. When-at what time are you doing the activity?
  2. Where-where are you doing the activity?
  3. How- in what order does it happen, what things do you need.

For example, you decide you are going to start a yoga routine. So you decide that after you wake up but before work (8am) you will do the yoga routine (When) and it will be done in your living room(where) with the new yoga DVD you purchased on your new yoga mat (how)  You see, with the when, where and how clearly DEFINED after a few weeks, this whole thing will just become automatic.

You can apply this to any activity you want to become subconsciously routine. So how about attracting more Money.

A very important component to attracting more money (well, anything really) into your life is first you must BELIEVE you deserve it. 

Do you think money is hard to come by?  Do you believe you must struggle and work hard to deserve it.  Are people with money rude and snobby?  Don’t worry, we all have different degrees of our belief based on how we’ve been raised. But fear not! We can change it by focusing our energy using rituals. 

There are many different things you can do but I wanted to share with you some of the things I’ve been doing to attract more abundance and money into my life. (A lot of them involve using Reiki, but you can do them anyway without it.   Or better yet, consider becoming attuned in Reiki in order to tap into that Energy)

  1. Every morning when I wake up and before I go to bed I write these words in my journal~Thank You Universe for the abundance of money flowing into my life at all times. If you’re attuned in Reiki, create a ball of energy over the paper and draw the power symbol in the 4 corners.  It’s important you feel the Gratitude for what you have now and for that which is on the way.
  2. Carry a Citrine crystal in your wallet and wear one on your person.  Be sure to cleanse your crystal and program it by asking it to bring money and wealth to you.citrine
  3. Money Box Choose or make a box (doesn’t have to be fancy) and every day write an amount of money on a piece of paper that you would like to receive.  Start with reasonable amounts so you’re ego doesn’t block you with disbelief.  Place it in the box (and send some Reiki to it).  You can add physical money or coins to the box, a citrine crystal as well.  Don’t forget to take pieces of paper out occasionally and tear them up or burn them to symbolize spending the money. Money is a form of energy and so there needs to be an exchange.  Feel good about doing it. Say an affirmation like~ I enjoy spending money on my favourite things.  Money is Freedom. Here is a photo of my altar and Money box now. IMG_2573
  4. Clear you home/office/self with a smudging or Cleanse ritual.  Releasing negative blocks and energy opens up space for the Universe to send you more of what you want.  Think of it as cleaning out your closet.  If it’s already stuffed, there’s no room for anything NEW to fit.  home cleansing



5. Crystal Grid– I LOVE using crystals in my healings, I carry them with me all the time, I wear them.  Now use their energy to attract abundance using grids.  You can download templates for grids or purchase a nice wooden one like me.  Using crystals WITH Reiki energy is like a double whammy of goodness.  They are still powerful tools, however, Reiki or not.

Check out this link to help you create your own grid

crystal grid-abundance

Finally, use the power of Intention to attract a certain amount of money you require.  Maybe you want the money to pay rent this month, or you’ve had your eye on a particular item you want to buy, or you would like to take a friend out for dinner…..whatever you desire, use Intention to bring it to you with this ritual.

Write on a piece of paper “I require “X” amount of money so I can…… Carry the paper with you throughout the day. Take it out and read it a few times during the day.  At night call the Angels and the Universe to manifest your desire.  Repeat for a minimum of 10 days.

If you are attuned in Reiki, draw the power symbol on the 4 corners of the paper to seal the energy.  Reiki the paper for 10min.

Have fun creating your Rituals.  Remember whenever we find Joy and feel Gratitude in the things we do, we match our frequency to the Universe and attract faster all the good things we desire!

Unhappy with Your Life? ~Create one you Want!



Your Life is exactly the way it is now because of how you’ve chosen it to be.

I’m sure many of you have heard that one before.  And I’m sure quite a few of you are saying, “Hold on now, I don’t like my life, I hate my job, I never have enough money and life often sucks…..”

Well then if that’s the case, it sure isn’t easy hearing that you are in “that” place because that’s what you created.  WHAT?

Have you asked yourself, What am I supposed to be doing?  I’m almost positive all of you have at some point in your life. (myself included)

My answer to you is this~ We are ALL here to experience Life (the “good”, the “bad”), all of it.  I use to believe we were here to learn lessons but now I see it more as our Soul purpose and our sole purpose is to experience all that life has to offer so that we can figure out Who We Really Are.  Now this doesn’t happen overnight and what I really mean is that it doesn’t happen in one lifetime.

Here’s a thought~ (and by no means do you have to agree)
I believe in God/Universe/All that Is and He/She created us and we were given a wonderful gift.  The chance for our Soul energy to REALLY experience things like love, fear, loss, hope, peace, etc.

There is a very REAL difference in Knowing something and actually EXPERIENCING it.  How can we truly understand love without first understanding what it means to lose it?  What is it really like to be rich, if we have never experienced being poor.

Our lives are made up of Choices we have made and continue to make every single day.

Because we are God’s children, that means we too hold the power of creation.  Now I know some of you reading this may disagree, or find this hard to accept because we have been raised to believe differently. But I ask you to please just sit with that for a moment.  Breathe. See if it resonates with you on some level.

I’m hoping that most of you are rejoicing at this news!  Yes, you are powerful! Yes, you have the ability to Create!  No, it’s never to late to turn things around!

create the life

But it will take some work.  Our subconscious mind is always on the go and we have to pretty much “reprogram” it and BE CONSCIOUS of our thoughts.  But How do we do it??

We all know about the book The Secret and the Law of Attraction.  I think people get frustrated because they have done the affirmations and nothing seemed to change.

But what are YOUR thoughts inside your head telling you on a regular basis. What is the thought behind the thought?

Do you believe money is in fact easy to attract or do you actually BELIEVE money is hard to come by.  How were you raised feeling about money?  Do rich people seem shallow and cold to you?  If someone has a lot of money, is it because they must have a job that squashed everyone below them in order to gain them success?

If you aren’t living the life you always dreamed of right now, how about you make some small changes.  What if you can reprogram your mind and thoughts and start creating the things you want in life.  It’ll take a bit of work and that’s ok.  It’s ALL an Experience!

The shortest path to creating a life you want is to live in Joy.  Do MORE of the stuff that brings you Joy!  JOY is a HIGH vibration and when we experience it, we are tuning into that frequency of the Universe and will attract more of what we want.

We may not be able to control everything that happens to us in this life. But we do control how we react to it.  Was that a “bad” experience?  Or was it a blessing; teaching you about Who You Really Are.  I believe the hardships we experience leave scars.  But I say wear those scars proudly like any good Warrior.

Live in a perpetual state of Gratitude.

If you would like to learn some tools and rituals I have been using to bring more Joy and Abundance (yes, that includes money) into my life, then please click this link.

create life 2


Full Moon Reiki Cleansing

full moon let it go
The November Full Moon is known as the Frost Moon or the Beaver Moon. Traditionally this is the time of year beavers are gathering supplies in preparation for the upcoming winter.
The Full Moon is the best time to release anything that no longer serves your highest good. On this night I will be performing a cleansing ritual using Distance Reiki and healing to help you release old habits, worries, stresses, negative thoughts, patterns and relationships.
When you participate you will receive:
* A Distance Healing to help remove any toxic energy from your body ‘s energy field.
* An Intuitive card reading from your guides and angels that will be videotaped and sent to you
* A unique Crystal chosen for you that will be imbued with Reiki energy and energized by the Full moon. You will need to carry it or have it near you for 3 months to help encourage the detoxifying process.
In order to participate you must:
1) Secure your spot for $40

2) Email me 3 things YOU would personally like to release from your life. Consider habits, thoughts, worries, etc you want to release over the next 3 months.
3) Your mailing address for the personal crystal I will send to you. or you can send me a message here as well.
Set aside some quiet time for yourself during the Full Moon (even if it’s just 10min) I will let you know when the Reiki energy is being sent to you.I will also let you know when your card reading has been done and what crystal you can expect in the mail.
Enjoy this time of reflection and cleansing! Consider taking a bath tonight to assist in the release process.
Many Blessings to you. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your Healing. <3

Gift Certificates & Packages Available~Purchase Online

reiki massage

Reiki Healing~ 1 Hour $70




Reflexology-Massage1Reflexology~ 1 hour $70





Myomassage~ 1 hour $90 or  1.5 hour $135




Indian Head Massage~ 1 hour $60





head to toe healingThe Ultimate Healing Experience~ 3 hours $180




OMMelt Your Stress Away~ 2 hours $120




Fire and Spirit~ 60 min (Reiki and Fire Cupping) ~ $70

Detox and Renew Experience~ 2 hours $150

Treatment Packages


2 Treatments~ $130

5 Treatments~ $320

10 Treatments~ $600

Indian Head Massage

2 Treatments~ $110

5 Treatments~ $270

10 Treatments~ $500


2 Treatments~ $170

5 Treatments~ $420

10 Treatments~ $800

Gift Certificates and Package Cards will either be mailed out directly to you or you can pick them up from me.