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Online Course~How to Raise Your Vibration & Live a Happier, more Abundant Life (Beginner Level)

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I’m so pleased to be offering a Online Course on How to Raise Your Vibration~Live a Happier, more Abundant Life.

This course is divided into 3 levels~Beginner, Apprentice and Master. You can choose to take 1, 2 or all 3 levels.  They are yours to keep FOREVER and you do them at your own pace.

Beginner Level launches March 20th on the Spring Equinox!  Right now you can Pre Order the course and take advantage of the Early Bird Discount.  The course is now selling for $65 (regular $160)

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It’s time to turn OFF your “automatic pilot”

We have all done it. 

Driven to work or to the shops and when we arrive have absolutely NO idea how we got there.

That’s just one example of ourselves on “automatic pilot” and I bet you can name many more of your own.

I’m “guilty” of exactly the same thing. And then I decided I didn’t want to live my life in a fog anymore;because as I get older I realize that I am missing out on so many amazing things. 

And that started to scare me!  But then I calmed myself down, of course, because what good comes from judging and criticizing yourself??  Absolutely NOTHING! 🙂

We deal with so much stress in our lives and because we get so used to it, the way we deal with it becomes habitual.  We simply tune it out=automatic pilot. 

It doesn’t leave us though. Stress will always show up somewhere~muscles tensing; we experience pain; depression and anxiety happen;  we become prisoners in our own negative self talk.

So what does “BEING MINDFUL” actually mean?

It isn’t just a cliche or fancy word you hear around the yoga studio.  It has real benefits, is easy to do (when you practice it non-judgmentally) and will bring you much happiness and joy.

To practice mindfulness means to pay more careful attention in a particular way. We all have the quality of mindfulness in us.
Mindfulness isn’t a luxury, “it’s a practice that trains your brain to be more efficient and better integrated, with less distractibility and improved focus. It minimizes stress and even helps you become your best self.”

Here’s what you can do to bring more “Mindfulness” into your Life

1)Make an effort everyday!

It doesn’t matter if you do it morning or evening.  All it takes is your genuine effort to bring more mindfulness into your active life. And we aren’t talking 90 minutes of meditation; I sit like a yogi on a cushion……unless you want to do that!

I’m talking simply taking a few minutes throughout the day, everyday to STOP and Breathe. Focus.

When you are making your morning coffee, why not be totally aware of the process of making it.

The smell of the coffee as you scoop it into the coffee maker, the sound of the coffee maker as it percolates and notice the smile on your face when you anticipate that first cup.  Yep, it’s THAT simple to bring some mindful practice into your life.

2)Don’t reach for that phone!

When you are waiting for the coffee to finish percolating OR you are standing at the stoplight waiting for it to change OR you are in a waiting room…waiting, resist the urge to grab the phone and start scrolling Facebook, checking emails or texting.

We are SO connected to our devices, faces jammed into screens that we miss the whole world.

Instead, why not use those few minutes to take some deep breaths, think about the things you are grateful for right now.  Look outside your window at the clouds, notice a bird,  marvel at the world around you.  Look at the other people scurrying around on their phones looking utterly stressed and be thankful that isn’t you anymore. 🙂


3)Listen….I mean, really listen when people are talking to you.

There’s nothing more disheartening about having a conversation or hanging out with friends and family and they get on their phones. You can tell they are tuned out while you talk.

This one may take more effort and that’s ok.  Remember, we aren’t judging ourselves or others.  Our loved ones aren’t doing it to hurt us; they are just caught up in the automatic pilot syndrome.

We can set the best example by really BEING there in the moment.  Imagine how much more awesome life will get when we cherish these memories.

4) Meditate

Yes, yes, we all know the benefits of meditation. Don’t get yourself all worrying and crazed if you don’t meditate. Just start…..even if you end up doing it just once a week. The important thing is to just do it, non judgmentally……hmmmm, see the pattern here.

5) Yoga

Starting your morning off with 10 minutes of these yoga stretches will help set your intention to be more present throughout your day.

6) Just Breathe

How often do you check in with yourself and see how you’re doing, how you are breathing.

Why not stop and take a few deep cleansing breaths right before you head out the door for work or for your errands.

The most important thing to remember when learning to be more mindful is to take it easy on yourself.  You’re going to forget most days, especially in the beginning; and that’s a-ok.  There will always be distractions and you may just want to give up altogether and progress may seem slow.

Distractions are just opportunities in disguise, challenges offer us the ability to grow.

And remember to always come back to being grateful for what you are doing, and what you have right now.

Now go Enjoy your New way of Living!

Spring is a Time For Renewal

When March and April roll around I feel this need to clear out the proverbial cobwebs, shed my old “skin”; look towards the ever warming sun and come out of my winter hibernation.

Spring reminds us that we can start anew and say goodbye to winter and thank the season (yes, be thankful for winter) for all that if offered us but now it’s time to look forward, to reach new heights like the new buds that will begin to break ground and stretch towards the light.

It’s time to take a good, hard look at your life and decide what you need to change right now.  Why?  Well because it’s in your best interest to release all that no longer serves your highest good.

During this time of the year we think about spring cleaning our homes, but I want you to also consider doing something else this month~ An Energetic Body Cleaning.

Everything on this planet has a vibration.

Most people walk around never in tune with the energy of their body, what others are sending out and certainly not the actual planet Earth (yes, she actually has an energetic code as well)  Folks often believe they are at the mercy of life and wait for it to toss them around and feel struggling is the only way to stay afloat.

That doesn’t sound fun…..and it’s not even true.

Don’t believe me?  Well, then consider doing your own experiment.  I ask you to really monitor your energy level and more importantly your thoughts throughout an entire week.  Be the OBSERVER in your life like a real scientist.

I have talked a lot with my clients and friends about our energy body or spirit and how whatever we put out, we are actively tuning into the whole Universe . And whatever we put out, we will get back.  It’s just how it works. (ahem, refer to your experiment)

Our vibrational rate will fluctuate all the time, but the more often we can keep it high, the better our life will be.  Whatever we think, say, consciously or subconsciously affects us.

THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.…so choose the good ones. I know you’ve heard this before.

We can’t control what others do or act, but we definitely can keep our energy clear. We can even choose to spring clean certain people right out of our lives and energy fields. 🙂

So how do we keep our Energy body  vibrating high?

By doing things that bring us Joy.
Joy has an extremely high vibration.  In fact all angels are basically pure Joy!  And that’s a high spirit vibration.

Here is my challenge for you this month.

Do your Energetic Spring Clearing. 
I want you to do something everyday that makes you happy. Choose positive words to talk about your life with others. I wish the words you whisper to yourself in the dark are kind.  I hope that you forgive the so called mistakes and guilt of the past and release these to the Light.

Use this month for Renewal.  It will take time, some more than others, to basically retrain your mind to search for the joy in every day situations. But I promise you’ll get there.
And the more joyful activities you participate in, the more you will attract happy people, more positive opportunities, more love and light.  Yes, it sounds like magic because I like to think it is.

“When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest. The only thing that could spoil a day was people and if you could keep from making engagements, each day had no limits. People were always the limiters of happiness except for the very few that were as good as spring itself.”
Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

A Simple Full Moon Ritual


I am a huge fan of using the Energies around  Full Moons and the New Moons to help shift things in my life.  Not only are they easy to do, but I think they’re fun and you feel like you are reconnecting with that ancient part of your soul.


Use the energies surrounding a Full Moon to help you release any negative energies, toxic thoughts or relationships, stagnant areas of your life and anything that you feel needs clearing out.  Release what is no longer for your highest good.

This is a very simple ritual I’ve created you can use during a Full Moon.

All you need is a smudge stick, a candle, and a piece of paper to write on.  I have included incorporating Reiki into this ritual for those of you attuned, but it isn’t necessary.  Reiki just adds to the power of everything we do.

Step 1.

Find an area where you won’t be disturbed and you can see the moon.  Ideally it’s best to sit outside but as I write this in January, it’s not an option right now!  Try your best to see the moon from somewhere inside.

Step 2.

Write 2-10 things you wish to release.  Use the phrase “I RELEASE…..” and be sure to capitalize them.

If you are attuned in Reiki, draw the Cho Ku Rei on all 4 corners of your paper to seal the energy.  If you are attuned with Dai Ko Myo, draw a big DKM on paper with your finger so it’s invisible.  Draw the Sei He Ki with your hand to heal mental and emotional issues.  Use the distance healing symbol to connect with the energy of the Moon.

Here are some things I like to say;

I RELEASE any and all blockages that are stopping me from growing and progressing from my body, mind, aura; across all lifes, space, time and dimensions.

I RELEASE all negativity attached to my body, mind, soul and aura across lives, dimensions and times.

I RELEASE all karmic vows and promises I might have taken intentionally or unintentionally which blocks me from achieving my goals and happy life from my body, mind, soul, aura across lives, space, dimension and times.

Add to these with whatever else you want to release.  Choose your candle colour.

Color – Select the candle color depending on the blockage you want to release:

  • Red – Passion, sexuality, health, willpower
  • Orange – Ambition, attraction, clear thinking, success, justice
  • Yellow – Creativity, clairvoyance, confidence, harmony
  • Pink – Love, passion, togetherness, friendship
  • Purple – Ward off evil, psychic abilities, spirituality, protection, business protection, heal chronic diseases, success, meditation
  • Indigo – Ward off black magic, karmic issues, spirit communication, meditation
  • Green – Money, fidelity, luck, abundance, marriage
  • Light Blue – Patience, psychic awareness, depression, opportunity
  • Dark Blue – Truth, fidelity, meditation, inspiration
  • Gold – Creativity, meditation, removes negativity, luck, fortune, intuition, power
  • Silver – Remove negativity, remove evil effects, increase intuition
  • Black – Ward off negativity and negative thoughts, removes black magic and dark forces, ending, closing of doors, truth, protection
  • White – Protection, cleansing, healing, purity, communication with guides, clear vision, meditation, exorcism, clairvoyance, peace, spiritual power, connect with moon energy.

Step 3

Light your candle.  Take a few deep breaths and connect with the moon energy.  Read the paper with your RELEASE statements out loud.

Do not blow out your candle. Let it burn down. You can stare at the flame for as long as you want and use this time for a meditation.

Trust that all of your statements have been released and you are free of all blockages and stagnant energies.

Step 4 (optional)

Now I’m a big fan of burning things on the Full Moon. 🙂  Having a campfire is the best during a Full moon or if you have a fire place or even a burning pot, then by all means burn the paper with your release statements.


With Love and Light

How to Use Crystals for your New Year

Welcome to 2017


Happy New Year to you!

What is it about the New Year that makes us feel a little bit more inspired to reach our goals?  We sense  a “NEW beginning energy”  surrounding us and feel a need to take advantage of this clean slate.

So on New Year’s day we make this commitment to be a better person, eat healthier, get in shape, start attracting abundance, find a new career, etc. But what happens on day 7 or day 10 or even 40 days after.

Did you know that the first 40 days of a New Year are crucial for us to stay on track!

Well here is something helpful you CAN do that will help solidify your goals this year and keep you focused.

Follow these steps 🙂

  1. Write down some goals on a piece of paper  you want to accomplish this year. (5 or 6)

Maybe you want to bring in more abundance and wealth into your life.  Or you want to lose some weight and eat healthier.  Perhaps you want to attract a loving relationship.

2. Choose 5 affirmations concerning your goals that you feel comfortable saying.

When I say to choose “comfortable” sayings, I mean you have to really attach emotion and FEEL what you are saying.  For example, if your goal is attract abundance into your life, I wouldn’t say “I make a million dollars this year.”  Chances are your brain will take a screeching halt and ego takes over saying, “Pfft, as if, loser!  This is NOT something you want interfering with your positive goal!

Try these instead….

I am grateful for all the abundance I have now in my life.

Thank you Universe for the money that flows easily into my life.

I am a money magnet.

I see opportunity for wealth everywhere I look.

Make sure you choose something that makes you feel good when you say it.  Because just saying the words is not where the magic happens; that’s in your emotions.  The higher you are vibrating energetically (so when you’re smiling, happy and feeling good), the faster the Universe is sending what you desire.

Say your affirmations everyday or choose one to focus on for a week or a month.  I REALLY like using the New and Full moon energies so I change my affirmations every 2 weeks.  Use the New moon to ATTRACT things into your life (wealth for ex.) and the full moon to RELEASE (i.e. fear around money)

3. Choose a crystal that aligns with your specific goal or intention you are working towards. See the list below to help you.

Hold the crystal in your hands and take a few deep breaths in through your nose and exhale fully through your mouth.  This is where you program your crystal: while holding your crystal visualize what you want to intend. Imagine how it makes you feel.  Say an affirmation.  Each time you breathe out, feel your energy infuse the crystal with what you intend and send your gratitude.  This will take 2-5 minutes.  When you fee like your crystal is programmed and ready, you can carry it with you throughout the day or place it somewhere it won’t be disturbed.

  • Agate Stone: brings strength & courage, brings protective energies, balancing and accepting emotions
  • Amazonite Stone: lucky for all your hopes and dreams, calming and soothing energies, expressing your true self, starting over, a new beginning
  • Amethyst Stone: wise decision making, achieving balance, breaking free from addictions & habits, furthering your spirituality
  • Angelite Stone: relieving anger and tension, brings spiritual inspiration, encouraging faith and forgiveness
  • Aquamarine Stone: clearing your mind, enhancing meditation, bringing luck in love, releasing anger, making positive changes
  • Aventurine Stone: manifesting prosperity and wealth, bringing luck—especially in gambling, changing your job
  • Black Tourmaline: releasing all negative energy, protecting yourself from psychic attack
  • Bloodstone Stone: increasing energy and endurance, increasing courage and determination
  • Carnelian Stone: strengthening motivation, increasing self confidence, increasing creativity, finding your personal power, weight loss and exercise
  • Citrine Stone: manifesting your dreams, acquiring prosperity, increasing positivity and joy
  • Clear Quartz Stone: magnifying intentions, clarifying the mind, amplifying your energy level, bringing focus
  • Fluorite Stone: clearing confusion in your mind, releasing all negativity, increasing concentration, wise decision making, expanding the mind
  • Garnet Stone: increasing energy level, becoming more grounded
  • Hematite Stone: connecting to the Earth, becoming more grounded and focused, releasing negative energy
  • Jade Stone: releasing self-limiting thoughts, attaining goals, filling your life with abundance, living from the heart
  • Labradorite Stone: bringing miracles, discovering your true self, uncovering your destiny, finding your life purpose
  • Malachite Stone: balancing your mind, bringing focus, overcoming ADD or ADHD, transforming your life, purifying your energy
  • Ocean Jasper Stone: increasing positive feelings, relieving stress and worry, living with happiness, lifting your spirits, becoming more optimistic
  • Onyx Stone: shielding your body and mind from negative energy, overcoming feelings of depression, reducing stress, calming your fears
  • Pyrite Stone: overcoming financial hardship, making wise financial decisions, achieving success, increasing your willpower and motivation
  • Red Jasper Stone: increasing motivation, speaking out, becoming more active, manifesting new ideas and projects for creative types
  • Rose Quartz Stone: opening your heart to love, finding love, loving yourself, attracting a harmonious long term relationship, healing from emotional wounds
  • Rutilated Quartz Stone: healing from a loss or death, connecting with your angels, increasing your willpower, starting over
  • Selenite Crystal: working on prayer or meditation, finding divine wisdom, healing
  • Smoky Quartz Stone: releasing fear and anger, overcoming negative emotions, letting go
  • Tiger’s Eye Stone: finding your personal power, strengthening your willpower and motivation to achieve goals, looking at the positives instead of the negatives, giving a creative boost (Energy Muse)

Note: you can have multiple crystals working for you at once. Just be sure to program each one.

  4. Place a quartz crystal point on the page where you wrote your 5-6 goals for this year.  The quartz point acts a beacon that tells the Universe you are serious about bring these things into your life, even when you aren’t always thinking about it.  Don’t forget to program that crystal too!
If your intentions centre a lot around bringing abundance and wealth into your life, place a citrine point there as well.  You can’t do this wrong!
Just remember to cleanse your crystals ( I like using smudge and of course the Full moon energy), and program them. Have fun with it!
And may you have a wonderful, peaceful and prosperous New Year!!
Dawn xx

Raising Grateful Kids in An Entitled World



Raising Grateful Kids in An Entitled World

I don’t have kids.

But I DO have an opinion about children growing up in the world today and I am grateful that you have given me your time to read my thoughts. 🙂

October has always made me focus my attention more on all the things I am grateful for in my life.  Maybe it’s because we celebrate Thanksgiving…….maybe because Autumn is well and truly upon us and the busy summer now gives way to a slower routine.

The world is still a crazy place (read last month’s newsletter if you haven’t yet) ;p Lately I have REALLY starting thinking and (gasp) worrying about how our tiny humans are coping with it all.

Their ONLY way to figure out how to live a healthy, balanced life is through their parents, grandparents and to a large extent, (sadly) social behaviour.

What messages are children receiving from society right now?  Have you stopped to think about it?

We live in a world where the media bombards us EVERY single minute of the day with advertisements, telling us what to buy, why we should be buying it and telling us that if we don’t have these material things NOW, we can’t possibly find happiness.

Our entire self worth seems to teeter on a balance of whether or not we have the right labels on our clothes, have Coach luggage or not, if we have the latest smartphone or HUGE big screen Fibe tv…..and it goes on and on and on…….

Obviously not everyone in the world is caught up in this ridiculous cycle of consumerism and those of us here can snap ourselves out of it and return to the the REAL things in life that matter.

But how do our children learn to be grateful in a world that is training them to feel this insane sense of entitlement? How can a parent say no to their child when “every other child” gets everything they want?

Before I started my wellness practice. I taught children for many years in an outdoor education centre.  And I loved it, I still miss it.  Children’s minds are amazing and they just absorb everything.  I believe children are all kind and gentle at heart and they are searching for and seeking us to show them how to live a wonderful life.

We know how to express gratitude for the little things in life.  But how can we expect our little ones to do the same if we don’t teach them?

The sad truth is many children are  born and raised with families who will never show gratitude and seemed doomed to grow up repeating a vicious cycle of obscene entitlement. And maybe we can’t have much control over that. But I believe the best way to teach ANYONE is to LIVE what you want to portray.

If you believe this world can find PEACE, then BE a peaceful person.  If you have HOPE, then BE hopeful.  If you can show GRATITUDE each day, YOU just may affect a child’s life and teach them to BE a grateful person.

Children are like sponges, absorbing all of the messages they receive, positive and negative.  They look to adult behaviour to mimic how to live in this world.  Let’s all CHOOSE to show them how to be thankful for the truly important things in life.  It’s not about the phones, the cars, the clothes.

We know the real secret to living an optimal life…….oh look, the colours are changing and the trees look so beautiful. Thank you!!

(If you would like guidance on how to raise grateful kids, you may want to check out this book~Raising Grateful Kids in An Entitled World)


Time to Go Barefoot~why Earthing is Healthy

grounding tree

Time to Go Barefoot~ it’s good for your Health

Hooray, it’s June!! I love this month….ok, in truth I love something about each month.  But June is extra special (for me) because it has the Summer Solstice in it. Celebration time!!  And June means there is more light around, warmer days and evenings and we can run outside in our bare feet!

It is the perfect time to do Earthing or grounding. What is Earthing?

It’s simply reconnecting with Earth’s healing energy.  Human beings evolved in connection with the Earth’s energy. We walked barefoot and we slept in contact with the Earth never realizing that its surface contained limitless, natural, healing energy.
Walking around barefoot is not our main mode of travel any longer. We live indoors much of the time and when we do walk or run outside we wear rubber soled shoes which prevent our feet from being able to absorb the Earth’s subtle energy. Rubber is not conductive, but our bodies are!

Don’t you just feel better when you are outside in nature for long periods of time.  Why do you think so many people find gardening so meditative.  Most babies will prefer to walk barefoot on the grass….they KNOW!! 😉

Why should you ground?

Your immune system functions optimally when your body has an adequate supply of electrons, which are easily and naturally obtained by barefoot contact with the Earth. In recent years, inflammation has come to the forefront of medical attention and has been recognized as the leading trigger of chronic pain and most major health disorders, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. “All roads to chronic disease lead through inflammation,” researchers are increasingly saying. Bodies are on fire.

Earthing appears to extinguish the flames through the transfer of negatively-charged electrons from the surface of the Earth into the body where they neutralize positively-charged destructive free radicals involved in chronic inflammation. The Earth’s energy makes the ground beneath our feet an extremely effective and abundant antioxidant! And it’s free. No pills, no prescriptions. All you have to do is reconnect. is earthing

We walk around like cut flowers ~disconnected from the Earth’s healing energy. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

It’s so simple…….go outside, kick those shoes off and stand on the grass (especially after it rains), lay on the sand at the beach and soak up some healing energy. 🙂