EMF’s and Harmful Effects

Are You Aware of EMF’s and Their Potentially Harmful Effects?

There is so much going on in May~ there’s Mother’s Day on the 8th, my birthday, the official kick off to the “summer season” on the 2/4 weekend….:) but this month I want to draw your attention to something I’ve known about for years and just couldn’t stop thinking about lately. It has nothing to do with the month of May; only that I think it’s important to be aware of.

It has to do with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)~ also known as “dirty electricity.

What is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty electricity is a dangerous form of electrical pollution that is invading our homes. Until recently, this phenomenon has largely escaped the attention of the general public and medical communities. Now emerging scientific research strongly suggests that poor quality of electric power may be making many of us sick.Most of us assume that the danger from electricity is confined to the electrical wires in our homes, schools and workplaces, but in fact it’s becoming increasingly contaminated with invisible microsurges of dangerous radio-frequency radiation, now referred to as “dirty electricity”.


Devices that contribute to Dirty electricity

  • Fluorescent/Compact Fluorescent / 12-Volt halogen lighting
  • Dimmer switches
  • Computers/laptops
  • Television sets
  • Microwave ovens
  • Most Treadmills and furnaces that have variable speed motors
  • Some UV filters and ionizers
  • Wifi networks

The body of scientific evidence linking EMFs (Electric and Magnetic fields) to many adverse health conditions and diseases is very compelling. Electrical Hypersensitivity” (EHS), an allergic-like reaction to exposure to EMFs, is a growing worldwide health concern.

The steady increase in EMF exposure in recent years has now been scientifically linked to many of today’s “new-age” health problems, including nervous system disorders, sleep problems, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, headaches and others. EMF exposure is also being linked to many chronic diseases… including Alzheimer’s’ disease, Parkinson’s and ALS, and to many cancers.

Here in North America the EMF problem has been buried by the organizations that profit from the multitude of EMF products they sell. Here in North America EHS remains an unrecognized illness and EHS sufferers remain undiagnosed and untreated by the mainstream medical community.


There are devices you can purchase (and they sure aren’t cheap) that claim to counteract the harmful effects of EMF. But why would I want to plug in yet another electric device into a different electric device??  Seems redundant to me…..and being the “nature girl” I am, I decided to search out the more natural way for protection. Obviously!!

I don’t claim that one way is better than the other, however I personally choose to use the natural healing properties of crystals. So, I wanted to pass on some handy beauties that act as protection.  Here is a lovey list…:)

Amazonite, Aventurine, Black tourmaline, Clear quartz, Galena, infinite stone, Malachite, Unakite, Turquoise, Herkimer Diamonds, Jasper.

Use Amazonite to block and absorb all types of EMF emissions and the objects that give off these emissions.  This in turn protects you from having these EMF’s enter your energy field.

For cell phones, Aventurine (any color) will help to act as an EMF barrier, absorbing the energy and protecting you from it.  Try taping a piece to your cell phone or wearing Aventurine earrings.

If you are around computers all day, set up a small grid using a combination of Flourite.  Blue Fluorite and/or Purple Fluorite work very well for this purpose.  Wear a lovely Rainbow Flourite pendant, necklace or bracelet.

Try sitting a few tumbled Sodalite on top of your desktop computer (or tape to a lap top) to block and clear any EMF emanations. Also use Black Tourmaline under your computer screen or between you and the screen to help clear and protect.

May seems like a great month to take a trip to the Rock Shop in Collingwood. 🙂

Cheers to a more Healthy and Happy month!