Do You Have A Proper Morning Ritual?

Set Yourself Up for a Great Day!~ With a Morning Ritual

Are you the type of person who hits the snooze button a few too many times before rushing out the door because now you’re late for work?

Or are you the type who wakes up WITH the alarm BUT then immediately grabs your phone and starts scrolling through emails or Facebook and Instagram; and then loses 15-30min of your time!  Maybe you put the news on and are instantly bombarded with negative images and stories.

Did you know that first thing in the morning your chakras and energy are the most balanced?  Sleeping allows our physical body to rest but also gives our energetic body time to reset and recharge.

So, IF you start your morning off rushed, or frazzled, or  get hit with negative media, this will INSTANTLY start shifting your energy to different chakras….and begin an entire day of imbalances.

Well, I say Boooo to that!
Let’s consciously choose from now on to start each day with a morning ritual. It doesn’t have to take hours; 5-10min or even 30min spread out is going to make a big difference in your Life.  Trust me.
So, let’s start a New Ritual and do it every morning .You’ll see the magic show up in your life. It’s never too late to start!! 🙂

I’m going to share with you MY morning ritual. 

BUT FIRST I am going to tell you that I was “one of those” people.  The ones who woke up and literally as soon eyes open, grab the phone.

“Ah, let’s see who emailed me (since last night from 9pm-ish until 7am)….so, mostly junk.  OK, let’s scroll some Facebook and see who’s liked my posts. Now onto Instagram to see what the “world” is up to! (there goes 15min of my morning I could have used better hmmmm)”

Time to go downstairs and make the coffee…..let’s check the weather (on the phone obviously) while we wait and then back onto Facebook. *scroll, scroll, mindlessly scroll….oooh, like a post, scroll) There goes another 10minutes!!  Aaaargh

That was old me.  Here is what “New Dawn” does in the mornings now!!
Once I’m fully awake (whereby I mean my cat Jack has bugged me enough with his antics to get up and feed him), I stretch and say a Thank you to God for giving me another day to serve and have a purpose. And while still laying in bed I mentally make note of some things I’m grateful for. I also choose an affirmation I will focus on for the day geared to however I want to feel.

I have returned to starting my day with a cup of warm water and a slice of lemon before the coffee. Or I also quite enjoy this energizing tea of vanilla and ginger!  It goes along with an Ayurvedic principle to wake up my Kapha 🙂
After I feed my Jack I will head to the bathroom, splash some cool water on my face and do something I admit is a little gross…..tongue scraping.  Some days I am literally disgusted with myself!!

BUT, it is another Ayurvedic principle I really resonate with in that it works to remove ama, or undigested toxins.  You can find tongue scrapers at any health food store.  I got mine from Brush with Bamboo when I switched to non-plastic toothbrushes.

Now it’s time to give the old muscles and bones a wee stretch. I do a 5-10min yoga stretch….being someone who doesn’t dig exercise (*ahem, Taurus), this is something good for me in the morning to help start the day.  And I also know my coffee is brewing 😉  (hearing that beep is one of best sounds in the morning to me)

I will now check my email and see who I need to respond to first thing.  Then with my coffee I put on my headphones and choose a podcast episode to listen to. I call this my MIND FOOD.

This has probably become my FAVOURITE part of my morning.  Instead of scrolling Facebook and potentially finding annoying or often useless information, I am NOW fueling my brain and my Energy with inspiring words.

I am learning and absorbing useful practices that help me live my best life. Honestly, listening to anywhere from a 6min episode to a 30min one ,depending on how much time I have, has made MEGA shifts for me.  When I am making my breakfast, I will also quite often have some episode on.

On days when I really feel stuck or I’m in a low vibe, my chosen podcasts immediately shift my energy for the WHOLE DAY. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Are you starting to see how easy it is to fit different practices into your morning that will start to shift your day and then your entire life?

Finally, I really enjoy burning some sage in my room to clear out any stagnant energy.  I also pass the smoke around myself and ask that any negative energy be lifted so that I can vibrate at the highest level for the day.  I will smudge the treatment room as well when I have clients coming.  And I will ask for a Shield to help protect my energy (we talked about that last month)
That takes about 5min.So, the old Dawn wasted anywhere from 15-30min of precious energy on things that didn’t fill up her soul or help her to actively CHOOSE the type of day she wanted. Out with the old….

Can you think of some things to do in your mornings now that will help you decide what kind of day, and ultimately life you want?

Try saying a few things you’re grateful for while brushing your teeth.
Get into the “Superman stance” while waiting for your coffee to be ready and say an Affirmation (instead of scrolling Facebook).
Put on a podcast in the car on your way to work.

Create your own morning ritual using some of my practices or find your own and I guarantee you will see positive changes happening in your life!!

You don’t have to go Full Tilt starting tomorrow. Why not add 1 thing to your morning this week and then choose another the following.  See what feels right for you and start your days off the BEST way possible. xx

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    1. healingwithdawn

      I really enjoy listening to Sarah Prout, Emotional Badass more recently. And also try out The Lucky Bitch with Denise Duffield Thomas. Hope that helps!!

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